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The beautifully scenic volcanic mountains of Cantal are situated in France’s Massif Central. Its complex volcanic history dates back almost 13 million years with activity ceasing around 3 million years ago.  The landscape has been heavily eroded over time and today’s highest peak the Plomb du Cantal stands at 1855m/6086ft), with some of the most spectacular and accessible views in France it is a prime destinations for hillwalkers, nature lovers and food enthusiasts.

Welcoming english speakers on hikes with a guide in France Cantal Auvergne volcanoes Salers cheeseAs a Professional Mountain guide and wildlife expert I will offer you the opportunity to explore the scenery of Cantal’s unspoilt wilderness. Tour members will have the opportunity to learn about the formation of these mountains along the way. I will guide you to locations where you will have an excellent chance of seeing animals such as, Chamois, Marmots, Moufflons, Red Kites and so on.

SERVICES OFFERED (From July 15th to august 19th)

Nature enthousiasts can discover the volcanism history in France with a specialized guideMorning walk : LOCAL VOLCANIC ACTIVITY PRESENTATION

Dif. : EASY WALK suitable for novice walkers, from 7 years old. Duration 3H30.
This gentle walk on a crest separating two ancients glacials valleys will give us some opportunities to observe and to explain with a playful approach the geological formation of the biggest European volcano!
………………………….Price : 15€/12€ Full/Reduced fare

Marmotte à l'affut face au danger - Laurent BESNARD, Accompagnateur de randos dans le CantalAfternoon walk : THE SEARCH FOR MARMOTS
Dif. : EASY to MODERATE WALK suitable for novice walkers, from 7 years old. Duration 3H30.
We will hike up through the forest to reach high pasture lands where we will use binoculars and a telescope to locate the biggest rodent from these mountains.
Price : 15€/12€ Full/Reduced fare

Pique-nique terroir organise sur un itineraire de randonnee sauvage avec Laurent BESNARD dans le CantalDay walk :
Dif. : MODERATE WALK suitable for occasional walkers, from 9 years old. Duration 7H.
Appart from crowds, we will walk up the wild side of the mountain and hopefully we will see wild animals in this beautiful scenery. Vue du Massif des Monts du Cantal depuis le Roc des Ombres - Randos pédestres thématiques accompagnéesPicnic is included in the price of the service provided. You will eat some local products* that I have especially selected for their quality.
*Cheese, cooked meats, bread, pounti (local delicatessen), mixed salad, wine, fruits, biscuits, tea or coffee.
Price : 30€/27€ Full/Reduced fare

Activites organisees pour les familles et les enfants a partir de 6 ou 7 ans - Randonnee facile encadree par un accompagnateur en montagne Salers Cantal AuvergneEvening walk : SUNSET AT THE PUY VIOLENT’S SUMMIT*
Dif. : EASY WALK suitable for novice walkers, from 7 years old. Duration 3H30.
This pretty easy walk will lead us to the Puy Violent’s summit just Préparation d'un boisson chaude en montagne - Randonnee dans le Cantal coucher de soleil au Puy Violent - Laurent Besnard Accompagnateurin time to admire sunset on Cantal Mountains and enjoy a courtesy hot drink. Walking down with the help of the full moon or flashlight.
* Meeting time for that walk changes during summer because of sunset time lag.
Price : 10€/7€ Full/Reduced fare

Rossolis - Droseras - Plantes carnivores visibles au cours des randonnees accompagnees dans le Cantal - Col de Neronne - Puy Mary - Laurent Besnard Accompagnateur en MontagneAfternoon walk : CARNIVOROUS PLANT’S DISCOVERY, AND VISIT OF A MOUNTAIN SALERS CHEESE PRODUCTION FARM (A “BURON”)

Dif. : EASY WALK suitable for novice walkers, from 7 years old. Duration 4H.
Walking through pasture lands, we will head to a wetland where we will observe two species of carnivorous plants. Then we will hike up to a panoramic Parc a veaux et traite des vaches salers dans les estives pres buron du Cantal avec Laurent Besnard guide accompagnateur de rando pédestre AEMpoint offering beautiful views on the surrounding summits.
Soon we will reach one of the last working mountain farms (“burons”) in Cantal. You will observe the specific milking techniques for the Salers’s breed cows, learn how cheese is traditionally made, and enjoy a “goûter” (teatime) with cheese, bread, biscuits and a drink.
Price : 20€/17€ Full/Reduced fare

Idees de rando dans les volcans du Cantal - Randonnees thematiques guidees avec Laurent BESNARD AMMDay walk :
Dif. : MODERATE WALK suitable for occasional walkers, from 9 years old. Duration 7H.
Randonnee sur le theme de l'historique des burons du cantal accompagnee et commentee par Laurent Besnard guide de randonnee hors GRThis walk from “Récusset” up to the “Puy Violent” offers truly spectacular and panoramic views and will introduce the history of mountain farms as we will observe the traditional architecture of a deserted old “buron”. On the way down I will show you, with historic photographs, the past and traditional Salers’s cheese making.
Price : 20€/17€ Full/Reduced fare

Chamois mouflons au bout de nos jumelles avec les plus beaux parcours balises ou hors-sentier avec un guide - Laurent Besnard Accompagnateur En Montagne en Auvergne et ailleurs en FranceDay walk : WILD FAUNA VIEWING

Dif. : MODERATE WALK suitable for occasional walkers, from 9 years old. Duration 7H.
Starting from the “Jordanne’s” valley in the morning, we will walk Approcher la faune sauvage en randonnee accompagnee dans le Cantal avec Laurent BESNARD guide accompagnateur - Que faire avec des enfants en vacances dans le Cantal?up to a very central point of the Cantal Massif from where we will have good opportunities to watch wild animals with a telescope. From there the surrounding view on main Cantal’s summits is fantastic. Several trails will give us various possibilities to explore the mountain, and to search for chamois and moufflons.
Price : 20€/17€ Full/Reduced fare

Hiking in France with Laurent BESNARD - Official Moutain leaderDay walk : BEST TRACKS AND NICEST VIEWS OF THE PUY MARY’S RANGE

Dif. : MODERATE WALK suitable for occasional walkers, from 9 years old. Duration 7H.
Walking towards the Puy Mary you will enjoy wonderful views of a landscape wich was formed over millions of years. Our path looks down on two ancient glacial valleys and offers beautiful sights of Cantal’s high summits. On the way I will facilitate your crossing of the short rocky pass named « La Brèche de Rolland » which is a major feature of this mountain.
Price : 20€/17€ Full/Reduced fare

Petite marche balade nature dans le cantal - Pas besoin de balisage decouvrez la flore de montagne avec un guide brevete d'etatNo walk scheduled on sunday :

But in case of bad weather conditions during the week, one of the outings could be changed and occur on a sunny sunday!
Please contact me for any inquiry about sunday’s fluctuating program.


Cascade en forêt dans le Massif des Monts du Cantal, au détour d'une randoAfternoon walk : RIVER STROLL – FEET IN THE WATER

Dif. : EASY WALK suitable for novice walkers, from 7 years old. Duration 3H30.
Any very warm day during summer, take your swimwear, towel, old sport shoes and spare clothes in your backpack as we are going for a Plaisirs d'une balade les pieds dans l'eau les jours de forte chaleur estivale dans le Cantal avec Laurent BESNARD Accompagnateur En Montagne1km (0,6mi) long river walk. No swimming needed. Water will be at your knee level.
I will bring an afternoon snack to eat at the bottom of a nice 15m (50ft) high waterfall, where three small natural pools are wainting us for a refreshing bath!
Price : 25€/22€ Full/Reduced fare


  • Walks from July 1st to august 31st.
  • All the meeting points are in Salers’s surroundings.
  • To get more information please take a look at my leaflet (in french), or call me on my cell phone (+33 (0)6 33 38 12 36).
  • Reduced fare concerns children below 18 years old.
  • Booking is necessary prior to come to the meeting points.
  • Payments exclusively in cash.
  • Dogs are not allowed because of cows’s herds.
  • Walks may be cancelled in case of bad meteorological conditions or in case of an insufficient number of participants.


IMPORTANT INFORMATIONUseful equipment for the walks

  • 2 L of water per person for a day walk, or 1 L for a half-day walk.
  • Lunch and/or snacks.
  • Hiking shoes (or failing that, runing shoes)
  • Waterproof jacket, hat, sun cream and sunglasses.